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Author Topic: Help?/No login/Network down?  (Read 1380 times)

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July 31, 2014, 04:24:40 am
Hello there! I downloaded this pretty ol' game before without any problems at all -- and I recently rediscovered and redownloaded it
Problem is, there's no network connection
I mean, I'm sure there is but not for me.
There's no login form at all and its a little bothersome to say the least.
I was wondering though, as of now - if the network/the forest is down or anything, because I've read up and apparently that's a thing that happens sometimes.
So yeah ! I was wondering if it's just my end or if it's the forest all together that's just down.

Also, in case anyone's curious (?):
My network tab says:

You are currently not connected.
Network status: Error
There are currently 0 players connected.

[ ] Connect automatically

(and then in small print at the bottom)
Connecting simply connects you to the network.
Logging in identifies you as a registered user.
For more information, please visit

But yeah, that's it. Nothing else at all.
Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place - I really don't know where else to post, honestly.
But yes -- Please, if anyone knows anything about this, please let me know as soon as you can; thanks!