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The Endless Forest / Re: This game needs some new stuff.
« on: March 24, 2014, 04:10:41 am »
Aw, thank you so much Apoidea. I'd give you all a hug if it wasn't for the internet.
So... internet hug?
Yeah. Internet hug.

But don't worry, I'll enjoy the game as is. Though I am a little curious on how the game will develop in the future. After all, this game IS an ongoing project.

The Endless Forest / Re: This game needs some new stuff.
« on: March 23, 2014, 06:47:27 am »
To answer your question:

And as for your reply to my idea, I respect it, but now I'm kinda put off by it. .... Oh well. '~'

I guess I'll go back to watching more Wander over Yonder for no explainable reasons. :3

The Endless Forest / Re: Gen 4 Pictos
« on: March 22, 2014, 11:20:32 pm »
I just hope that this game grows beautifully in the future. :3

The Endless Forest / This game needs some new stuff.
« on: March 20, 2014, 07:28:19 pm »
Lets see how the poll is rated over time, shall we?

If the developers of this fine game sees this then I would be humbled. If the developers acknowledge my input and incorporates this into the game then I would be privileged and happy to help. :D

Hmm... actually, I would like to share my ideas for the rock paper scissor game if no one minds.

Okay, so I hear that there will eventually be doe that you have to compete for in a mating season and stuff, so maybe a rock paper scissor can decide the winner?

But to determine a winner, there should be a unique system in place. I think that having a 'stamina' system would be good. 'stamina' is what makes you last in a duel between you and your opponent, and if you run out of stamina, you lose. And if your challenger runs out of stamina, you win. It may be possible for both duelists to run out of stamina and draw. At every start of a duel, both duelists have 5 points of stamina.

So this is how duels, in my opinionated mind, is supposed to go. You use the 'taunt' emote to provoke a potential challenger to duel with you, or they could taunt you. Oh wait, how about a special action that appears when you are close enough to another player? Yeah, that sounds better.

When you duel with another player/stag, your victory is determined by the actions you choose in each move you make. Each action you and your opponent choose will make unique animations in each move, until a win/loss/draw is formed.

In the spirit of the game Rock Paper Scissors, one could have 4 potential actions to use against a challenger.
Rock (Or 'Boulder Charge' or some type of deer euphemism) trumps scissors.
Scissors (Or 'Grass Cutter', after my favorite comic book, Usagi Yojimbo) trumps paper.
And paper ('Tree splitter') trumps rock.
When a stag uses a favorable action in a move, the opponent loses 2 stamina points.
But when both stags use the same action in a move, they both lose 1 stamina point.

Oh wait, did I mention a fourth action?
... I guess it could be a defense action of sorts? Yeah. Choosing the defense action can negate the rock paper scissor actions and can deal 1 point of stamina damage to the attacker that chose rock, paper, or scissor. Like a super counter ability! Except for when both stags use the defense action, then there would be no stamina loss between them.
But this might be a little exploited so... Maybe the defense action is limited to 5 uses per duel, and using any other action in a move can restore 1 use of the defense action to a maximum of 8 uses? Yeah, sounds about right. (We can call it 'Antler defense' or 'Horn guard' or something cliched to deer)

I would also like a message to appear which tells the condition of each move in a duel too. Like say:
STRONG MOVE: Used a favorable combat action that decreases your opponent's stamina.
WEAK MOVE: Used an action that made you lose stamina point/s, or you and your opponent used the defense action too.

And tell the end conditions when the duel is over:
VICTORY: You won against your opponent.
DEFEAT: You lost against your opponent.
FLAWLESS VICTORY: You beaten your opponent in 3 moves.
BAFFLING DEFEAT: You have been beaten in 3 moves.
DRAW: Both you and your opponent lost all of your stamina in the final move.
TECHNICAL VICTORY: When you have selected an action but your opponent hasn't in the span of 60 seconds, or when he has chosen to surrendered.
TECHNICAL DEFEAT: When you haven't chosen an action in 60 seconds when your opponent has, or when you chose to surrender.
TECHNICAL DRAW: When you and your opponent hasn't chosen an action within 60 seconds.
EPIC VICTORY: When you won a duel that has lasted 8 moves or more.
EPIC DEFEAT: When you lasted 8 moves or more in a duel, but lost.
EPIC DRAW: When you and your opponent ran out of stamina after 8 moves or more.

But how would one tell how many wins and losses you or other stags/players have gained? Perhaps there can be a statistics in the option's menu to view your overall victories and defeats in specific detail, like how many draws, epic victories, humiliating defeats (ect) you gained, I suppose. And you could view a stags/players total win/lost count by clicking on his pictograph/halo to bring up those numbers. That could be a cool feature.

So what do you guys think?

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