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The Endless Forest / TEF is dead?
« on: July 05, 2015, 09:44:22 pm »
Dear Michael,
I came back after few years to play TEF and I've seen its almost dead now. I thought no one plays it but today I've seen like 20 deers online :D I read the forums and I know rhat Servers need to be donated to keep this game alive.
What about refreshing this beautiful game and save it by adding new features, activities and selling it on steam? Or free download but donate for volounteers? Making it more popular could save it.
Making more new activities like gathering something to grow. To level from fawn to amaizing deer. Then from deer to elder deer. To gather forest fruits to have rare beautiful pelts :) or gather a lot of different forest mashrooms, plants, flowers to offer it then to the gods and gather special points to have rare masks, or change into animals. Many wonderful and new ideas, more emotions, new masks and pelts, maybe new gender? Like deer and deer buck.
It would be awesome to have day and night in a game which would work according to server time. Also random changing weather. How about extending forest? Make it larger, make more places to discover and interact with. Maybe brighter and darker side of forest.
I hope you want to save it and u havent forget about The Endless Forest.

It would be awesome to see it active, lively and popular again :)

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