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The Endless Forest / Strange The Endless Forest glitch...
« on: October 31, 2014, 07:00:50 pm »
Hi guys! Ok, so I need help, because that problem with The Endless Forest is hard for me. It doesn't always happen, only in some days. I log on The Endless forest without any issues. Today I did it and I was taking some screens. I was playing TEF, then suddenly it froze. It was like one big lag. My deer couldn't move, I couldn't even move my mouse. It was all frozen. Then the screen went all black. It said "Monitor going to sleep". I was confused again, because it wasn't my first time with that glitch. The computer didn't turn off, it was full time working, the screen was black though. When the screen goes black, I can't do anything to make it like it was before. I'm trying to press some buttons, click with my mouse or move it, nothing works. Though I'm still able to hear game sound. When it happens, I always have to restart my computer. Has anyone had that glitch before? Please help, it's annoying me. It's Halloween and I want to play so bad :(

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