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The Path / Hardest Wolf to lead the protagonist to, and why?
« on: July 04, 2014, 04:36:55 am »
yes yes yes Yes i know, i know, this was on the old forum. Good topics die hard. [also, my first post here! hi i'm woot and i'm actually extremely boring]

Personally, for me, it was Robin's, the Werewolf. Not just because of the difficult lesson to learn he seems to represent (Death exists, it happens to everyone including children and people you like, lots of animals are actually dangerous, etc. etc.), but the real threat of danger he poses to her, all metaphors aside. I felt especially worried for her afterwards. Maybe I just watch a few too many zombie movies, but she in particular walks afterwards is... off. Wrong.

What do you all think? Was something more difficult? If so, how?

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