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The Endless Forest / Appearance Bug I'm Experiencing
« on: October 31, 2014, 12:03:45 am »
Hello, I wasn't sure if anyone else was getting this weird issue. But I've found that every time I log out, even if I'd saved my appearance in the network tab on the options screen, I log back in with a different appearance, of what seems, random selection. It's happened every time I've logged out and back in after a few hours. I logged out with my perfect deer look I wanted, then logged in today with a completely random, ugly look that was not there when I left it, and yes, I saved my deer's appearance before I logged out.

If anyone has information on this, I'd love it. It's so hard to find deer who will help me get my look back. :( So I have to run around till I find other deer that are playing with magic, and paw at it till they understand haha, even then, the next time I log in, I'm different.

Please, any knowledge is welcome!

Thank you!!

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