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Posted: Sun May 27, 2012 12:47 pm Reply with quote
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I played through The Path once before on my old laptop, and everything ran fine on maximum settings. Today, I tried playing it for the first time on a new computer, and found that it ran with a perplexingly low FPS. I started messing with the graphics options, and the only one that had a dramatic effect was post-processing. The game runs perfectly smoothly on the "low post-process quality" setting, but the higher the setting, the lower the FPS, to the point where "maximum post-process quality" is unplayable. Those effects add so much to the atmosphere that I don't really want to play without them, especially since my computer should be more than able to handle them. I'm running 64-bit Windows 7 with 8 gigs of ram, a quad-core CPU, and an Nvidia GTX 555 video card, which should be plenty for The Path, especially since my old computer ran it smoothly at full settings on an Nvidia GT 330M. My drivers are up to date. So... any ideas?

As a side note, I tried running the game in Windows XP compatibility mode (hey, you never know). This caused a much more interesting problem - as soon as I left the path, the graphics started glitching out, getting more and more bizarre until finally the whole screen turned white and the game crashed. While it didn't give me any solutions, I thought it was beautiful in an abstract way, so I took some screenshots:
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James Donovan
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Such an amazing experience you have shared with screen shots. Highly appreciative and i found it great to read this post.
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