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Would you enjoy caring for the orchard?

Sure! I would love a way to interact with the forest itself.  
  [ 13 ]  46%
Yes, I would enjoy the group activity.  
  [ 1 ]  3%
I would like just spending time there among the little trees, encouraging them to grow up big and strong.  
  [ 0 ]  0%
I'd mostly be interested in new spells and things.  
  [ 1 ]  3%
I love everything about this idea!  
  [ 9 ]  32%
I don't really have any feelings about this. It'd be nice to have a new environment, I guess.  
  [ 1 ]  3%
I think this is a little too ambitious or elaborate to expect it to happen.  
  [ 2 ]  7%
I think this is a little too complicated for this game. TEF is meant to kept simple.  
  [ 1 ]  3%
My favourite part of this is a new way to interact with other deer, either alone or in groups.  
  [ 0 ]  0%

Total Votes : 28
Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:06 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 11 Jun 2010 Posts: 5
So here's my thing. I love orchards. I mean, seriously. There's just something about the idea of rows and rows and rows of trees being lovingly cared for and harvested that makes me happy. I think orchards are one of the great symbols of humanity working together with nature--neither destroying or unnaturally altering from it, but bringing a sense of order to it and both sides benefit. The trees are cared for, pruned, weeded, nurtured from "birth", and in turn the humans receive a bounty, the taking of which does not harm the trees, and continues the cycle. It's so harmonious and beautiful to me.
I think orange orchards are my favourite, and that's mostly because I love the visual aspect of oranges: the round, golden shape like that of a sun. So I love the thought of rows of trees with hundreds of little golden suns peeping out from between the leaves.

Now, here's my thought: How fun would it be for the deer to finally be able to care for the forest as it cares for us?
My proposal is for a new addition to the forest: a sapling orchard grove. (Of course, I would prefer an orange orchard most of all, but I think any orchard would be wonderful.) This orchard would start out as seedlings, grow into saplings, and one day would finally mature into a fully-grown orchard. The fruit that the trees bear could be knocked down by rubbing, just like the pinecones. This could be a way of introducing a new spell, or a new set of pelts, or antlers, or whichever the game makers feel best, that is made available when the deer eat the fruit.

But before the orchard matures, the deer would be able to care for it, and the orchard would grow in relation to how much care it receives, how often. If every single deer in the forest made a contribution every day, it would grow much faster than, say, if only a few dozen contributed every few days.

There would be different ways of contributing, such as bringing water, removing weeds, playing and dancing among the saplings, praying to the Twin Gods, or bringing sunlight, to name the ones I can think of off the top of my head.
I'm not sure how deer would bring water, perhaps a new spell that lets them carry it in their antlers, or a new channel off the river with a little sluice gate that lets them "water" the orchard(I know the creators don't want too much of human implements involved, so maybe that's not as good.)
To remove weeds, deer could stamp on them, or worry them out with their antlers, or even eat them.
Playing and dancing among the saplings would bring the music and happiness to the trees to help them grow.
There could be a small shrine for the Twin Gods in the center of the orchard for the deer to pray to, to bless the orchard and help it grow. Perhaps praying to the Twin Gods would alternately bring small showers or a few minutes of extra sunlight, and that would be how the orchard is "watered".
To bring sunlight, it could work the way I mentioned before, with the shrine, or the deer could call the sun out by standing in the orchard and mooing at the sky(it would take more than one deer to do this though.)

This new environment could also bring new animals, like bumblebees, new birds, and new flowers.
Ideally I would like to see the orchard's growth take at least a year, so that everyone, including newcomers, has a chance to learn about it and interact with it 8) But at the same time I wouldn't want it to be restricted firmly to that time period; if a lot of deer come together to contribute, I think it should show.

This whole idea is centered around a new way for deer to congregate and interact in group activities in the forest, but it's also a way for deer to feel like they're contributing, or just having fun, if they're, say, stuck in offline without any friends to run around with (as I have been for the past few days 8C ) The idea is for deer to have something new to interact with whether they're with a group, or alone 8)
Anyway, that's my idea. Hope you guys like it! Please comment and share your thoughts.
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Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:36 pm Reply with quote
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I really really like this idea. I think it fits very well with the idea of the forest and its atmosphere. There's also some man-made features in the forest already, so an orchard would be in that spirit too.

Sounds like an extensive project of course and I'm not sure on technical aspects, but having even one of those features would be pretty cool. I could imagine spelling the Devout pelt on the saplings to "encourage" them to grow. It would also make a fun challenge. Get there before the spell wears off. Laughing
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Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2012 5:29 am Reply with quote
Joined: 18 Dec 2011 Posts: 5
I love this idea! It would be very interactive and fun! Perhaps every time a new deer registers, a sapling or two appears in the orchard!
May I post some concept art regarding this idea?
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Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2012 1:41 am Reply with quote
Joined: 04 Mar 2012 Posts: 9
I love it! Sounds completely awesome... I think we should have ways to interact with the actual forest, because if nobody's on, then the game is boring. Maybe it should be constantly growing, like with what Echosong said.
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