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What do you think about the new Genre of show?

I'll be watching!  
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Hate it.  
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{Ugh...I have no clue where to put this, but it is a Review..}


AMC's 'The Walking Dead' is an Hour-long TV show adapted from a graphic novel of the same name. For most TV shows hold drama, love and all that crap, such stuff deals with everyday life, and it seems a bit boring. What were TV shows made for other than information or to help us escape from the stress of everyday life?

This show, to me, is so far Fantastic! AMC has created a few bag-up shows made for the adult crowed, such as Breaking Bad or Mad Men and The Walking Dead was made by the same people.

This show breaks the boundries of TV so far, since what I've seen on there has been the stuff only seen on R rated movies, but I think it's safe to say that for the adult watching, you can relize it's fake blood or strawberrie jelly, but if you want to belive it is real, it's very easy to do so.

The show centers around the main character, Rick, as he wakes from a coma and finds himself in a zombie-infested hospital, then later to find out that the whole state (maybe the world, too) is also infested.
I dont wanna spoil this for those whom wich to watch it for themselves. Basicly, the whole show is following a group of survivors as they battle to live within their new and aweful world.

Makes me kinda sad that season 1 is already over, olding only 6 episodes. But not to fret, it was announced after episode 2 that season 2 would be released on october 31st, 2011.
I've recorded all episodes of season 1, so I dont have to be bothered to buy the show on DVD, because it is already hard to find in stores.

My review over all? 5 stars!
For anyone who wants to see it, AMC (US) shows it in marathons from time to time, and FX (UK) I expect will show it the same.
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