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I would like to apologise in advance if this is the right forum, since the topic isn't about one single game, but I thought it fit the best in here.

I've been thinking about RPGs and characters that we play. I am mainly thinking about games where you can create custom characters, create their appearance and give them a name; the kind of character you can connect with straight away because they are, essentially, you.

What I read over and over on forums is how people have X amount of characters, how they love re-playing a game with different classes and so on. Some people make tons of concept characters and enjoy role-playing each and one of them.

I have one big problem: I make one character, get attached to them and cannot for the life of me make a new one and start a game all over again. (Another problem is that I can't stand repetitiveness, I'd dropped games like Devil May Cry 4 and Silent Hill 4 only because they made me repeat levels.)

In Guild Wars, I started off with a Mesmer because, first and foremost, I loved the masks. I love the mystery that surrounds Mesmers, how they work quietly from the background and cripple Monks when they least expect it. Three years later, the Mesmer is still my main, I invested a ridiculous amount of gold in her peacock-adorned dress and I'm always looking for new minipets to match her re-dyed armour.
I made a Ranger once because I wanted to collect pets, but once I realised I can change the Mesmer's secondary profession to do the same, I just played with her.

In the brief time I played The Sims 2, I got attached to a character called Eerie, who was a bit of a concept character. She was young and often moved houses. She would kill the previous owners, then call up the Grim Reaper and turn everyone into zombies.
I loved making 'pretty' characters, but I rarely played with any of them after styling their houses and such.

The 'worst' is, probably, my Morrowind character. A beautiful, tall High Elf, who was my virtual self for two years. I got badly addicted to the game in the 2nd year of high school when life didn't seem so bright and I needed to escape. I did a huge amount of quests. Cleared both expansions. Downloaded a bunch of add-ons. Tried making a new character several times, but... it's just not the same. Even changing my main's attributes felt weird and I never changed her much, aside from the appearance. I didn't even take care of her vulnerability to fire.

Needless to say, I've only had one deer in The Endless Forest.

So, to anyone reading this, how do you feel about your RPG characters? I find my attachment odd, somehow, and wish there was someone who could explain why exactly I do that :'D

Pictures or it didn't happen:

My GW Mesmer, you can say what you want but her armour is the most perfect thing ever created. The more I play the game the more stupid things I do. Right now I'm dragging a pink flamingo along because I love how ridiculous it looks in cut-scenes.

I cannot find screenshots of Eerie, but I do have a screenshot of Coconut, a pirate girl I played for a while. Her house was gooorgeous.

And my Morrowind High Elf. I seem to have lost all the screenshots, but I have a couple of old icons I made of her.
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Posted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 2:09 am Reply with quote
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I think there is no such thing as an RPG attachment that is odd.

If there is such a thing as yaoi then nothing is odd!

Personally my favorite part about fans attachments to RPG characters is how they can change over time, and how different the attachments can be(Mine happen to be so out there no one feels like responding to them! I doubt you'll even blink at this!). I have a strong attachment to the Character Ventus, On really windy days I like to believe his ghost is causing it(Ventus=wind in Latin).
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I only get attached to a virtual character when he does something extraordinary or is put in a unique experience. I have almost no attachment for any of my Oblivion characters, because none of them have ever done anything another character can't do. But in other games, like Mount and Blade or MMOs, I may have a "special" character that I consider unique, important, or even an ace-in-the-hole. Even if it isn't that superior, I would always go to that character when I need something difficult to happen.

It's one of the main reasons I love tabletop RPGs like D&D and Pathfinder. My characters aren't just painted blocks with set abilities. They all have a story and a technique and other things that separate them from others. Perhaps it's not that he must consume one child a week to live, or something crazy like that, but that he prefers a falchion even if a superior longsword is at hand. Or that he does not kill children unless he prays for them beforehand.
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