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@Kevin: Your ability to see the depth in a variety of different games make you a cut above other gaming journalists. You truly are a boon to the gaming industry, and you contribute to the maturing and growth of the industry as a whole.

It's also nice to see someone who share's my views of the character's encountering their wolf as a moment of painful and tumultous growth or change. In regards to the six characters, I kind of thought that they represented the same character at six different points in her life (6 merely being the number of events the writers came up with).

@SkardJR: Here's my interpretation of the darkness and wolf sounds in the house. The sounds only occur when the player stops moving. The house seems to represent a time of reflection after an important event, which leads to change. Stopping represents dwelling on these events, both for the character and for the player. And so the darkness represents the darkness and fear that can come from this.
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