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Do you like the score screen?

Yes. Keep it.  
  [ 59 ]  64%
No. Remove it.  
  [ 33 ]  35%

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Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2010 11:07 pm Reply with quote
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If you want to facilitate players collecting all the items, and seeing everything in the game, leave the scoring system in.

I like how the Grade taunts you. It is like if the game is the wolf. Of course the wolf wants you to think you failed, so the next day you go off the path to succeed.

I really like how the game system is taken worth a grain of salt, and we are to draw our own conclusions based on what happened to our character, instead of it being dictated to us by a third party.

If the grade is meant to taunt the player, to nudge then in the direction of leaving the path, it needs to stay.

If that is not its intent, it is distracting. You might as well have a false grade, like:

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