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The more commercial the "official" games industry gets, the stronger the desire for alternative games becomes. On the one hand the hardcore gamers are getting fed up with the watering down of commercial games. And on the other a whole new audience is emerging that desires more content and less competition, more story and less sports. Neither of these groups finds what they want in the current games offer. And it doesn't look like any improvement can be expected soon.

In the music and movie industry, this problem has been solved by independent music labels and the alternative movie circuit. These are not drawing huge audiences, but that is not necessary. This is about niche markets for which products are cheaper to develop, and possibly easier to market. And very often the makers of these products are not in it for financial but for creative reasons.

It is a commercially perfectly viable system. Yet not many people are doing much to try and get this circuit going. One exception is Greg Costikyan. He recently started a new company called Manifesto Games. The idea seems to be to create an online store with a strong community of gamers (and perhaps even developers). It's a good idea. It is bound to work. We just hope he can hang in there long enough until it takes off.

To make this whole alternative circuit work, many more companies like Manifesto will need to start up. So if anyone knows of any other efforts in this direction, please post them here.
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Thanks for sharing.
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