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Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2002 8:59 am Reply with quote
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Games are sofware. Of software, new versions are made continuously. Maybe game sequels can be considered software upgrades?

The idea of making one game and then continue to upgrade it, sounds very appealing to me. It might also be a way of dealing with one of the biggest problems in game development these days: they take too long and too many people to develop.
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Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 7:35 pm Reply with quote
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I've recently purchased a game for iPod Touch/iPhone called Pocket God by Bolt Creative. The game only costs $0.99 and started out very simple with almost no features. Every week they submit a new update to the App Store that adds a new feature and additional content. Provided the update passes Apple's approval, we as players get something new every week.

It's an interesting approach which I think keeps the game fresh for old players and may continue to draw new ones. I think Bolt Creative is proving that this is a viable design philosophy.
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Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 3:29 pm Reply with quote
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Well, this is not new.

Team Fortress 2, a 5 years old game, continues releasing new patches from time to time with new maps, game modes, weapons and items... But probably you are not thinking about first person shooters...

Games series. Like TV series. Sam and Max have two seasons, 6 episodes each. Every episode is shorter than a normal game, but the complete serie is longer.

The good point with this sistem is that once the engine, characters, backgrounds and so has been created, the next episodes are easyer and cheaper. And episode by episode developers can see if the bussiness is still working on or it is time to finish it.

Imagine if you develope and release every Red Girl from The Path separately... Something like that.

I think this can be a good sistem for independent creators, less risk at the beginning, more feedback with players, easyer work once the base is done, etc...
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