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Before reading this I had never heard of Ralph Baer but apparently he's the guy who came up with the idea to play games on a television screen. Check out the interview it is an in depth and quite amusing read.


GS: You like the creative process.

RB: I like the creative process. I'm like a painter, you know -- a portrait painter artistic painter. And really, what I do is an art form. The engineering part is a part of it. But after you've done fifty-thousand different things, most of what you do is a combination of what you've already done seventeen times before. But the concept of a game -- that's always new; it's always fresh. I love to do that stuff.

GS: Do you have a favorite video game even though you're not a game player?

RB: I don't play. Recently, one of my grandsons brought an Xbox with him, and we played a race game. Well, I couldn't manage that damn thumb joystick. I was always hitting the walls. I couldn't steer the car worth a damn. After about fifteen minutes, I said "Forget it , I've had enough." [Laughs]
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"[That] was the concept in the very beginning. You don't play Ping Pong with yourself, you play it as another person. In these massive games, you don't even see the other person; they are an idea. They don't want to be known, because they're not playing themselves. They're playing the avatar they created, the guy or gal they want to be. That's not really socializing. [...] I expressed my opinion earlier that there should be a little more stress on having fun. The quest for being king of the hill in some bloody game doesn't sound to me like socializing or something very fun. That seems like work to me." - Baer
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