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If you think that you're out of options for getting a larger penis and are considering penis surgery enlarement, STOP for just a second. Do you know that the main method of penile enlargement surgery actually cuts the ligaments at the base of the penis as a way to get some of the 'inner' penis to come outward and give you extra length? Do you know that there have been major problems with this kind of surgery?
Do you know that if everything goes perfectly smoothly that there is still a major side effect that can become quite a big problem to you and/or your partner? That problem is a completely unnatural downward erection angle and a penis that flops around even when erect!
Can you imagine having no control over your penis during sex? Those ligaments are there for a good reason...
What the penis enlargement lacoste outlet surgeons don't want you to know is that there are natural methods chanel bags for lengthening those ligaments rather than cutting it. Yes, it works. People have meen stretching various ligaments for hundreds of years. Luckily, there is a little known exercise that will give you the same results.
Here's a very easy stretch that focuses directly on the ligaments. Over time the ligaments to pull some of your 'inner penis' outward, but without the drawbacks that come with chanel canada surgery.
Here are the steps:
1. Use a warm cloth or a rice sock to warm the base of the penis for 5 minutes. Warm ligaments can stretch much more easily that when cold and a good warmup also prevents unnecessary strains.
2. Put chanel outlet your arm between your legs from behind and grab your soft penis just behind the head and take a firm grip.
3. Gently pull the penis down and back between your butt cheeks. This provides the best angle for stretching the ligaments and gives much better results than the straight down pulls you may hear about. A burn/throb deep in your pubic area where the top side of the penis goes into the body tells you that you're hitting the ligaments just right.
4. stretch for 15-20 seconds and relax for about 10 seconds before stretching again.
5. Repeat for a total of 20 minutes, but do only 10 minutes for the first week.
6. While you can do this everyday, it's best to take a day off if your ligaments are still sore. You'll grow a lot better if you rest, and it's much less of a chore then. Very important: the "No Pain No Gain" has no lacoste canada place in penis enlargement. lacoste shirts Be sensible, and don't overdo it.
You'll get results quite quickly, but you must stick with it to make those early gains permanent.
Many men have reported excellent results with this exercise. Still, it's only one of many exercises that have been proven to work.

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