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Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2013 8:50 am Reply with quote
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When it comes the update of the diablo 3, how do the community feel about it this update? Most are not too happy,it would be more difficult to farm cheap diablo 3 gold, they feel Blizzard are just going through the motions of making it look like they are listening to the feedback. Fixing the problems is probably no easy task for the development team but they are certainly taking their time about putting fixes and changes in place. No doubt because of the impact of the auction house,it changes a lot during the game.

Not too long a ago, Blizzard once again admitted that the auction house is a real problem stating “we also feel that the Auction House can harm the game experience,it make players hard to find magic diablo 3 items”. What I’m finding hard to understand is that if a game is harmed by a game-breaking bug it would be fixed by any other developer. However, it appears that it’s OK for Diablo 3 to be “harmed” by a game feature based on Blizzard’s recent auction house comments.
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Posted: Mon May 20, 2013 3:58 am Reply with quote
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But we must consider the big sword itself did not cause the injury state, even if the with crit bloody the sigil, built-in two seconds CD + 4x% Crit Chance.

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Posted: Mon May 20, 2013 4:49 am Reply with quote
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I read a few days ago that the Crusader enchanting formula will be take out of the game wow gold, this means that only the people that already got the enchant will be able to make it. So if other people want to make it, they need to buy it. And since the item is taken out of the game, the price will skyrocket. I bought around 4-5 of these formulas on various servers, and the price ranged from 500-2k. You may thing 2,000 gold is a lot for a formula but then you need to think ahead. The price of these will easily rise 10-20 times, which means that they will be selling for around 30,000 wow gold kaufen. But these are going to sell for a lot because of two things.The first thing is that this specific enchant is used by so called ′twinks′. A twink is a player that stays at level 19/29/39 just to do PvP, these players have mains with loads of gold and they spend thousands of gold on their characters. I’ve seen people buy a single weapon for 50,000 gold. So the people that can make the crusader enchant will be making a lot of gold from these players.The other reason for why this will sell for so much gold is simply the collectors. There are some people in the game that’s only playing to collect every single formula of a profession, and they’ll pay almost anything to have it wow gold mmoga, and since this item isn’t going to be obtainable any more, the price will go up by quite a lot.
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