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Le Lapin
Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2008 2:42 am Reply with quote
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There doesn't seem to a section for stuff-that-is-related-to-Tale-of-Tales-but-not-to-game-development-in-general, so this will have to do.

As you've mentioned Michel Ocelot's Azur et Asmar more than once, and there appear to few other forumers from the British Isles, I though it worth mentioning that that film is already out in the UK and Ireland. The release date was a couple of months ago, so you may have already missed it. Sad But anyway, the Web site is and one can find out if it's still playing anywhere near them by using

Also in the UK, not something that's been mentioned here but I think it would be interest to Tale of Tales fans (what I've seen of The Path reminded me of it, anyway) is Kawamoto: The Puppet Master, a retrospective of the work of one my other favourite makers of animated films which has already been to Bristol and Gateshead and will be touring to a few other cinemas in the country. If anywhere near you, at the very least, you should see his version of Briar-Rose or The Sleeping Beauty, narrated by Kishida Kyôko and based on her reinterpretation of the tale.

I say "reinterpretation" as it's not even a retelling, less so than 8, and unlike that it doesn't go back much further than the Disney-ised version – rather, it's more of an original story inspired by the basics of the tale which are known throughout the popular imagination of today. Though I normally dislike for things to take this direction, I like how Kawamoto doesn't take it in the American McGee/Mizuno Junko direction of artificially "dark" fairy tales, while neither making it too fluffy and bowdlerised. Instead, it mains a genuine atmosphere of folklore. And it looks bleeping beautiful, as one can see from the still above.

If you're lucky enough to be in Sheffield (where the entire season, and not just the Kawamoto selections is showing again) then I'd also recommend the Barry Purves retrospective. I've only seen Screen Play (and without sound at that) but even then it remains, for me, one of the most powerful 10 minutes that one can experience in a cinema. Another, Joe Tucker's For the Love of God, is also showing there. Smile
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Le Lapin
Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 2:48 am Reply with quote
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A huge new English language interview with Ocelot is now up at

A couple of choice excerpts (though there's much more worth reading):
The first part is the infancy, pretty true to life, the second part is when the heroes are twenty and when the fairytale aspect starts. But somebody told me these fairies felt off key when they happened, out of nowhere. This spoke to me, because I already felt the infancy was so realistic. The dialogue with the boys: “This is not my country. —Yes, it is your country, you were born there. —My country is better than this one. —How do you know? You’ve never been there! —Yes, but my mummy told me. —That’s not true. —Yes it is! etc”. That is just what they say today and there was no trace of magic, and the appearing of fairies much later was awkward. I had to put people on the right wave length right from the start. So I had two Djinns come and sing to the sleeping kids. Was it a dream or reality? But by now, the audience had a hint of what was coming.
I like fantasy and my language is fairytale. I can do anything with fairytales. I want two things. One is to tell you important things, things I believe in. The other is to enchant you, to give you pleasure, to offer you beauty. With fairytales I can have the message AND the pleasure. And I am totally free. If I am doing just straight live action, I have to follow reality and outside logics. I have inside logics, but do whatever I want.
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Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2008 9:46 am Reply with quote
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Le Lapin wrote:
A huge new English language interview with Ocelot is now up at

Thanks! Really love his work!
(wish he would hire somebody else for making the games about his movies though!...)
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