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Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2007 9:41 pm Reply with quote
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"What happened when violin virtuoso Josh Bell donned a baseball cap and played his Stradivari in a crowded subway station during rush hour?"
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Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2007 10:59 pm Reply with quote
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I said once that the whole of the human race should spend a minute a day weeping for lost beauty. At the time I was thinking of the natural world and the methodical destruction of it (and specifically of stars; how long has it been since I, in suburban London, saw more than a dozen stars at a time?), but now I want to widen my statement to include all the times we lose beauty in our lives.

The revelation that the children recognised him is expected. I think children are smarter than almost all adults, and the younger the child, the better. Some kids are miniature adults nowadays - it breaks my heart to see my nine year old cousin worrying that she's fat (and she's thin as a stick, too). Children...they don't know what society expects of them, so they don't conform, they haven't formed strong views on much of anything, they're not racist or sexist or anything really...blank slates. Psyche, without persona. Humans as humans were meant to be.

Society's insane. It wants logic and forward-thinking, wisdom and experience, but it also wants to look no older than twenty five. It wants new ideas and spontaneity, but rewards those who are truly spontaneous, saying what they think when they think it and moving however the hell they want with the label "crazy" and murmurs about autism.

You know what I think? Everyone's too future-centric. The enjoyment of the present is lost in the hopes of the future, and nobody realises that jam tomorrow is nothing when compared to dry bread today. There are people in my class (most of whom are 14 with a few 13-year-olds hanging in there) saying what they'll do for A levels or IB (seventeen or eighteen), forming opinions about which sixth form college they'll go to (seventeen/eighteen again), looking at universities (twenty) and what they'll read there.

I wish the whole world would slow down. The future can only be changed by working in the present, and if you don't enjoy the present they where will you be in the future? Stop. Slown down. Stand and stare. You've got the whole of your life ahead of you! Plenty of time; all the time you'll ever have. If you love it, do it. Who cares what the world thinks? Who cares about money (it's just paper and metal, after all)? Who cares about the future? Dry bread today! Tomorrow never comes!

Something I don't understand is people taking jobs they hate (eg McDonalds...ugh...) for money. Let's say you spend 8 hours sleeping. You've got 16 hours in each 24-hour day to live, and if you're working 9-5 then you're working 8 hours a day. Work in a job you hate and you're spending half your waking hours doing something you detest. What a waste of a life. I'd rather starve happily then eat miserably.

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