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Posted: Sun May 04, 2008 9:02 am Reply with quote
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I personally loved Clover Studios and highly enjoyed their games such as Viewtiful Joe, God Hand, and Okami (which is probably my favorite game of the passing generation and maybe ever). So I was very disappointment to hear that Clover Studios was being shut down by Capcom due to the sale numbers of their games being too low. Well, Okami director Hideki Kamiya left the company to form his own (SEEDS which then turned into Platinum Games after a merger with another small company).

Apparently leaving Capcom after the closure resulted with the Clover staff not getting credit for Okami in its Wii port. According to Capcom, the reason for the cut was because they were unable to remove the Clover Studio logo that was located at the very end of the pre-rendered credit video. Yet...They were able to remove names of staff that appeared in between the beginning and the end.

When Kamiya heard about the staff names being cut, he was very upset. "Of course, we all have pride in our work; we all want to stand up and say 'I made this!'," he wrote on his blog. "Yet more importantly, I find it extremely regrettable that the [emotion] that went into the staff roll is gone from the game as well. It was a special staff roll for a special moment. And now it is gone."

Source: Joystiq

My heart goes out to Kamiya and the whole former staff who were left out of the credits. As a writer myself, I can only image the pain they must feel knowing that they aren't getting any credit for something that's still their work.

Sure, Ready at Dawn handled the Wii port's development, added the Wiimote features to the game, and changed the color brightness a bit but at the heart of it all, it's still the ex-Clover employees' work. It's still their story, their characters, their art, their music, their heart and soul...

I don't know if there's any actions Kamiya can take since I don't know what Capcom owns the rights to, but this just really bothers me and I was curious as to how you guys felt about it.
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Le Lapin
Posted: Tue May 06, 2008 1:00 am Reply with quote
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OK, so Clover were shut down due to "sale numbers of their games being too low," yet the attention which Ôkami received was enough for it to be ported to another console.

I'm confused, if you want my answer. Now I don't know whether it's best to express my gratitude to Clover Studios by buying the Wii version of Ôkami or by not not buying it. But I do want to support games like this, Katamari Damacy and NanaOn-Sha titles being released for Nintendo consoles.
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From what I have read, I am unclear as to whether Clover was shut down and then they left, or it was shut down after they left. Originally I had heard that they packed up and left after the closure.

I was looking around today and came across this interview with Atsushi Unaba, and it seems they all left in order to do their own work and are happier with that. He has no room for regret that his work is in the hands of another company.

I think it is pretty shameful and disappointing that Capcom removed that last bit. I think if they had wanted to try they could have have edited the movie to remove the clover. I've never played the Wii version, though, and I don't know if they didn't credit them -at all- or just removed the scrolling credits that were so special to the Clover team. Is Capcom making a profit without acknowledging those workers or just modifying something that is theirs?
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Erm...I'm too lazy right now to read all of that, but out of the parts I DID read, I'm guessing that capcom was being...unfair?...self-centered? If so, then BAD, BAD Capcom! *takes Capcom's cookies away* I know that did nothing (except take their delicious cookies away Twisted Evil *cough cough*), but I like cookies D: *noms on them*. And it's NOT stealing, it's perminant borrowing xD...through my mind. Laughing
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