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I love the very slow pace. yes the navigation could use some work because Miku, the main character, keeps getting hooked on the collision objects and ends up running in place alot and the camera gets all jerky, but it is a nice enviroment to run around in.

I love the ghosts... very beautiful and yes, very spooky. The Kirie model is one of the best looking enemies in any game.

I have to be critical of the cryptic and difficult to use Camera interface. I think it is funny that this is a shooter game in disguise. Shooting in this case is in the form photography but it is still a classic line up the crosshairs and fire principle.

What kept me playing this game is definitely the plot. I like the way all the plot elements are there and slowly the tale unfolds and is put together chapter by chapter. bits and pieces left around the old mansion. And the story is eerie but not nonsensical, well crafted even... and based on a true story ! wwwooooooooooooooooo !
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