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Posted: Fri Jun 14, 2013 12:16 am Reply with quote
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Okay, so I was just playing TEF a while ago, and I started thinking: how cool would it be if there was a night/day change every x amount of hours? I considered the fact that not everyone would be fond of that idea, so maybe, in the display panel in Options, they could select Daytime, Nighttime, or Both, in case they wanted a certain time of day.

I was thinking that maybe the time in-game could change based on real-life time, but then I realized that not everyone is in the same timezone. SO, it could just be a set time. For instance, every six or so hours real-life time, the time in-game would change. And so that no one was confused on the time, there could be a little notifier off to the side of the TEF forums.

I have a few ideas for some things that could appear during different times of the day:
Butterflies (already in-game i believe!)
The default creatures in the forest (frogs, squirrels, etc.)
Birds singing (i cant remember if this is already implimented...)
Clouds moving in front of and behind the sun (causing shadows and darkening and whatnot)

Owls hooting
Fireflies (also in-game)
Silenced (most) birds (maybe less singing?)
Moonlight and clouds (same idea as above with the sun)
Creepy noises! y'know, like the wind in the trees or the trees creaking
Sort of a little glow around the Twin God statues to iluminate it

Yeah, this may be a little overboard but I truly believe that it would make TEF more interesting and the experience more enjoyable, because it's more life-like, but still has that mysterious, mythical feel to it. Hopefully this or at least something like this is implimented into the game.

Please leave your comments and suggestion/critique of my idea! I'd love to see if there's anything else you guys can come up with or if there's a flaw in my suggestion <3
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Posted: Fri Jun 14, 2013 3:00 am Reply with quote
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This has been discussed before.

It probably wouldnt be implemented because:
And TEF alread has a Night Time "weather".
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