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The method to pass the map of ancient paths
If you think kicking cans very boring, uninteresting holding Taige thighs open the box, diablo iii then you can try the following method, personal feeling is very efficient.
Target: A2 map "ancient paths" and "Oka Jonas Road" near Goblin Portal
Advantages: a. Difficulty is low b. Map Small c. Little strange blue golden chances appear strange d. Gains big Efficiency fast
Difficulty: individual occupations or equipment is not in place friends may dry dead Goblin
Card Progress
Here is not on the map, and directly dictated.
Change the difficulty select "Hell" Chapter VIII task "black soul stone" into the game.

Quit the game, the "open game list", select "purgatory" of the "black soul stone" and to join the game

Quit the game, the progress on the card is good, next direct point "continued progress" on OK.
Editor's Note: Since this method requires access to public rooms, and a recent public rooms have been suspected of hacking risk, so it is recommended you borrow from friends progress as well.
Find record points

Send ancient trails, ran point A on the map, there are records, offline and then online is here.
Open brush bar
About my brush approach.
1, from point A run down and saw mobs to kill, if you see a brother wealthy, but the wealthy brother mobs behind him, then back to the city, sending ancient trails, past the mobs from behind it clean and clear, Then kill it.And remember to Buy Diablo 3 Gold to Add enough energy
2 killed not return to the city, directly Oka Salinas Road.
3, clockwise starting from the right side of the portal peripheral extension clear mobs, saw wealthy brother or bypass, the first clear behind him.
4, clear mobs kill. Replaced MF loaded, the map 10 to a heap of stones, bone pile, boxes Han clean sweep bar.
5, back to the city! Try again!

Monks tips
I play a monk, 10 to second experience after adjusting some skills and runes, kill the brother of the wealthy no problem.
Hey directly on the map:

See for yourself, look at Figure everyone should understand about the use of these skills (there is no right which I do not spray, we recommend it).
1, wearing shoes, running speed, the monk also added Paosu passive.
2, wealthy brother die when I remember for MF.
Thanks buddy before a post inspired me to summarize and find out this way, personal feel very efficient than kicking cans, brush box more fun, at least for yourself killing monsters. . More than two hours a lot of brush and 800 + Gold Blue weapons. I RP is not good, not out of what fast hardware, I hope you good luck.

Also, pay attention, there are two goblins, said five words fall better? (Not sure). A four-word.
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