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Why NACC is just so fashion and popular
The North American Continental Championship (NACC) has a special place in my heart. The NACC has been in my backyard for the last three years and I hope it will continue to stay that way. Maybe its greedy on my behalf, but I like the idea of waking up and driving 15 minutes to go to a tournament. Some of you are not going to be as lucky as I am, but in the end the convenience of my travel distance will not matter. What will matter most is if you are prepared for the Constructed and the Limited portions of the event. I will not speak to the Constructed side, as I think Corey Burkhart does so well enough, but I am here today to provide you with some draft insight.

For today’s Time is Money and wow gold for me, I have polled some of the top players from different teams around the country. I provided each of them with a pack and asked if you were at table one and this was the first pack you opened for the draft on Day 2 of the NACC, what would you take and why. I will also review all the packs that I passed out. That way you can know what was the correct pick was (whatever I say), versus whatever these “pros” claimed their first pick should be (for those who don’t know me well enough, I am very sarcastic and this is just me playing around with my friends lovingly).
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