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The malice for stack confused, the target is the main hand fashioned points behind, scepter 1-3 behind, immediately F2 + token onto the 11th floor for the sake of confusion, it is probably a hit more than 2,000 ...good token.

Vice pistol gun violence, injury while providing 60% + crit, 8 strike with rampager bloodshed expectations 5-7. CC shield gun 5 to play the king.

Deputy shaped universal poly-4, running speed slow pull people ... to play the king class, with the token of the Poly 512 attacks, eliminate ejection ... Keep in mind that the critical avatar order.

Off Hand Sword Sword 4-speed, jump strike the Phantom Sword 5, focus on swords handsome extra points.

Underwater three Tridents invincible. With the mirror avatar avatar relaxed 25 layer bloodshed, can ignore the sigil of the Earth.

Rabid some CON + toughness + crit combination, the goal is to crit onto 45 to 55%, find the trigger crit bleeding effect. The other a condition damage and injury, anti-plus toughness. The anti high enough, the rod 245 is good, make up more than half of the blood, not too difficult to play, the rod 5 discharge from the soles of the feet, a technology in order to own catapult target, Boons blessing under enough to survive a Supporter 20 seconds back to the blood.
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