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"But I don't want to go among MAD people!"

"You can't help THAT... we're ALL mad here."

^^^ Quoted for those who appreciate that there is no normal.

"It's in my nature." - The Scorpion

^^^ For further understanding, look up Aesop's Fables, The Toad and the Scorpion.

"Once there was a seagull and he flew high in the sky. Then there was a sleet storm and the gull's wings were frozen and he fell from the sky. When he was laying on the ground, frozen stiff, rhino came along. The bird thought to himself, "The rhino will help me! He's my friend!" But when the gull called out to the rhino, the rhino turned around and defecated on the gull. The gull was very depressed. "Why would the rhino do that to me? Rhino is supposed to be my friend!" But what he didn't notice was that the feces was melting the ice encasing the bird and within a matter of minutes, the bird was free to go clean himself and get on with his life. The moral of the story? When your friends shit on you, it isn't always a bad thing." - Mrs. Ruff, my art teacher. (She gave us all sorts of pep talks like this...)

"A clock isn't time, it's just numbers and gears. Pay it no mind, just walk right through." - The Talking Skull from The Last Unicorn.

As you can see, my idea of wisdom is a little less linear than most people's. I think a truly good piece of wisdom can be applied to more than one situation, but some bits of wisdom make you smile (and snicker) even when not being currently useful.
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What moment in that gradual decay
Does resurrection choose? What year?
Who has the stopwatch? Who rewinds the tape?
Are some less lucky, or do all escape?
A syllogism: other men die; but I
Am not another: therefore I'll not die.

― Vladimir Nabokov, Pale Fire
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