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Okay, i was thinking just some ideas..:

1. How about some more body language? Its 'somewhat' difficult to actually be able to communicate with the limited ones we have currently, (Not bashing in any way at all what we have, and the idea itself is just perfect, but i think it would be cool if we could express a bit more.)

For instance, being able to flick an ear back for unsureness.

Being able to kick outward with hind legs as a sign of excitement/play
or a way to tell others to back off.

And one i really would like would be to actually be able to lock horns/antlers with other players as a way of play, it would be cute to see adults playing with fawns this way too!

Or to be able to point, the same way hunting dogs do? So you can get people to follow or go in a certain direction to look at something?

Grooming other deer, like being able to nibble/scratch that itch on your friends back as a kind gesture. Smile

They have human faces, and they are a gentle (species?) so i think it would be like a cool culture thing if they kissed one another, like a gentle peck on the face? It could be apart of their culture like the dancing and the music?
How sweet would that be right?

Grasing! Because its majestic~ Smile

Different vocal sounds to represent happiness, calling, and defence.
(Or maybe they can sing??? THAT would be interesting.)

And how about prancing? XD C'mon, y'know some of you want to prance around as a way of being silly or just to strutt.

2. It would be cool if we could interact with the environment more.
Like actually be able to interact with the other animals in the forest,
for instance, you could interact with a crow and it could want to hitch a ride on your antlers? Or even give you its wings? o__o Same for butterflies? I would love to have a cute squirrel or a pretty dove ride on my antlers. Even something simple as the animals copying or responding to your body language with their own body language?
It would be fun to see how the different animals react to certain things. Like if a rabbit took a liking to you for doing kind/happy body language and decided to follow you around. <3

And in the pond with the koi fish, they could be the ones who hold the secrets to the pond, like maybe as a frog you can hitch a ride on one or something? And they take you down to the bottom and into a secret cave where there's air and you turn back into a deer and can walk around and explore inside?

You guys need atleast one cave and waterfall. Wink

Also i have the urge to pick fowers and leave some in respect to some of the tombstones at the graveyard. Maybe that triggers a ghost to appear?

And how about the trees and plants and stuff?
Maybe we could interact with them somehow, like helping them grow/bloom? Or change their seasonal appearance? Like a winter tree with no leaves, a tree with blossoms, a green leafed tree, and a red/yellow Autumn colored tree?

3. Unusual random things.
Like shed antlers, real deer shed their antlers. So maybe people could find rare antlers just laying around occasionally? And be able to wear them?
Enchanting, it would be really cool if players could say, enchant a random rock, or tombstone or a tree of their choosing, with a certain spell, like a pelt, or a mask for other people to find/pick up. And the specific thing the individual enchanted would be marked somewhere with their pictogram?
That way people would know who left the enchantment and know that that item is enchanted, but its still not totally obvious so ya gotta actually LOOK to find them?

Scent. It would be much easier to track a friend if you could click onto their pictogram on the side of the screen that shows you where everything is, and see in 'scent' like a smoke trail or something that leads to where they are?
You could use scent as a way of REALLY marking trees too, maybe a tree you marked could leave behind your pictogram in 'scent'?

Thats all~
Hope some of these are good, i know i would enjoy them myself.
I hope others would too. Smile
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Interesting. These all sound pretty good, but you should probably post them on
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