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Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2009 9:49 pm Reply with quote
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Red Alert 3 is a fast fun strategy game, which offers 3 different approaches and absolute fun.

The Game takes part in an altered universum, where Hitler and Alfred Einstein never exsisted. There was no WWII, but there is a much bigger war between the allies and the Soviets. When the soviets amost achieve victory, a third empire rises: The Empire of the rising sun.

The Campaign is very good designed, althrough Id wish for another scheme then the usual start-weak and get-stronger-units procedure. Each Campaign has a different end, like the Soviet World domination (with you as a premier) or the Allied End, where you are asked out by two f your sergants (id take both).

The Missiondesign is bad, because you get traped doing the same things again and again. There are some innovative missions, like destroying a town with a giant robot.

The different factions are balanced very well (Defensive Russians,Balanced Allies and Agressive Japanese). The units are caricated and have hillarious comments ("STOP! HAMMER TIME from the Russian Hammer Tank).

The Multiplayer is fair, the coop campaign is working nicely and the AI works cool mostly. The Grafics and the Sound are minimalistic, but this dosnt really disturb, then the time you spen playing it, it is definitly worth it.

87/100 by Mayar...
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Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2009 10:09 pm Reply with quote
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I have this game : )

I find the scenario mode very fun! However, I still have yet to understand how to beat the hardest AI Sad

I can do it with help from a computer Ally, but solo, I get beat up.

I never really do the campaign modes, not sure why.

I would give it about an 80/100 and only because I feel like im missing some big important strategy that you must know to win
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