Play Tale of Tales in Buenos Aires and Amsterdam

Game on! Art in a game is an exhibition in Objeto A in Buenes Aires that features works by Daniel Benmergui, Rod Humble, Jason Rohrer, thatgamecompany and yours truly. The Endless Forest, The Graveyard and The Path can be played in the gallery until Saturday April 4th.

And tomorrow, there’s an “afternoon about artistic gaming” at the Victorian Circus festival in De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam, featuring Submarine, Angelo Vermeulen, Crew and Tale of Tales. They’re showing The Graveyard and The Path under the expert guidance of The Path tester Yhancik.

4 thoughts on “Play Tale of Tales in Buenos Aires and Amsterdam”

  1. That’s awesome, I’ve been attending an art-game workshop @ victorian circus for 4 days now, leaving me with too little time to play the Path as much as I like. I must claim that computer!!

  2. A good innovation and a different way of playing that definitely leave a mark. Very well structured with good graphics, a sound in accordance with best practice and an easy learning

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