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The Making of Werewolf

March 22nd, 2010 by Auriea

first, a little music.
he’s a bit of a comical fellow. we wanted him and Robin to meet. Robin is the most traditional looking of all our Red Ridinghoods so she meets the most traditional looking “wolf.”

I actually had no problem at all coming up with a concept drawing for him. I sort of knew from the very beginning what I wanted him to be like. big, cuddly, goofy. But damn, those claws.

He sort of passively wanders around. Robin is more agressive than he is. As Robin sneaks up on him forgetting that though he may be “cuddly” he has thoughts and feelings and may not like having a girl ride him like an animal. He is only part animal, only at the full moon, the other part is human, afterall.

click to see it larger

Above, an in process render, the humble beginning of his model and one awesome rendering glitch ;)

These are what we call “reference sheets” and they were what I used to keep on track for the various environments and the effects the wolf has if he encounters the girl and “gets to Grandmother’s House first.” You can click to see a larger version.

The cemetary was one of the very first environments we made. It was featured in the demo we showed at the Independent Games Festival in 2008. We’d had a whole bunch of gravestones and grave monuments, including the angel statue, made by Dragonfly very early on (before we decided not to outsource modeling anymore.) But in the end it turned out we didn’t need them all. Many of these were thus reused in our other game, The Graveyard. We ended up reusing some of the graves I’d made for The Endless Forest too in The Path. Forests and cemeteries, we do that a lot. hmm.

In a few days. I’ll make a larger post about Grandmother’s House… It’s hard to explain a lot about what the Wolf effects on the house “mean” In a way because I don’t want to put too many concerete ideas about it out there. For another because sometimes scratches on a door are just scratches on a door. He digs holes in the ground. He rips apart the bed where Grandmother sleeps. A wolf will be a wolf will be a wolf.