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March 11th, 2009 by Auriea

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A final view of The Path before we go

Tale of Tales publishes launch trailer of soon-to-be-released indie
horror game

Gent, Belgium, 11 March 2009

One more week and then The Path will be released. To ease the pain
and whet the appetite, Tale of Tales has released a video trailer
that clearly sets the tone for an unusual experience.

“At first we were going to make a traditional launch trailer.”
explain creators Auriea Harvey & Michael Samyn, “You know, a little
movie that explains the narrative premise of the game, shows some
gameplay and then serves some kind of challenge. And our first
sketches were just fine. But then we started cutting things up and
working with the recordings of [composer] Jarboe reading the
original fairy tale. The end result much more clearly reflects the
experience of the game: strange, disjointed and completely open for
interpretation while simultaneously feeling very comfortable and

Download the trailer from Fileplanet!
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