Demo 1: The Formal Dining Room

The demo starts with the girl coming from the Salon. She waits for your instructions.
In “8”, the main character and the player are independent of one another. Move the camera around the room with the cursor keys for motion and the mouse for steering. You can also just look around while standing still by moving the cursor to the edges of the screen or by holding down the middle mouse button or the shift key and moving the mouse.
Left click will tell the girl to go there. Left hold down will make the camera follow her.

Move towards the corner of the room to the left of the girl. Against a column you will find a servant breathing heavily in her sleep with sparkles around her head. This is a Restless Sleeper. Since the girl has already acquired the Spell of Telepathy, she can see the dreams of Restless Sleepers. When you move the cursor over the head of the servant, it will change into a wand.

Left click and hold down to make the girl walk into position and prepare for casting the spell. When you think she has prepared enough, release the mouse button and she will cast the spell.

You can see a non-interactive animation that tells you what has happened in this room in the past that troubles the servant in her sleep.

A plate appears to be missing from the table setting.

On the cart upon which another servant hangs sleeping, there is a pile of dishes. Move the camera towards it and move the cursor over the dishes. One of them will light up signifying that it is an object that can be used. Right click on it to have the girl pick it up.

Go to the table and right click on the empty spot that lights up yellow. The girl will put the plate down. But apparently it's the wrong plate. You can try again: the pile on the cart contains a never ending supply of dishes.

On the cart with the plates, a flower lies on the hairs of the sleeping servant. The Tailor Prince left it there after combing the hairs of the woman. It can be used to fulfill another mission elsewhere in the game. Right click on it to have the girl pick it up.

Right click anywhere to make the girl put the flower there. This way you can collect objects for easy retrieval later.

In the corner of the room where the branches of the Evil Forest have broken through the window, a candelabra has fallen over.

Some of the candles have fallen out of it. These can be taken by the girl. And there is a bunch of rocks that can also be taken. Throughout the game world, there will be many objects like this that serve no mission-related purpose. The player can collect them, make patterns on the floor with them, etcetera.

Right click on the girl to have her show you the object in her hand.

All materials are work in progress and © Michael Samyn and Auriea Harvey, 2003. No reproduction or copying without explicit permission of the authors.

This demo plays in one room of the enchanted palace of Sleeping Beauty, called the Formal Dining Room. It is here that the table was set to receive the fairies when the princess was born. Alas, there was one golden plate too little and as a result the ninth fairy was not invited, with the dire consequences we all know. It will be the task of the player to help the girl find a golden plate elsewhere in the palace. This demo is situated in the beginning of the game. The girl has acquired only one spell, the Spell of Telepathy (signified by the tiara on her head).

Windows 2000 or XP
1.5 Ghz CPU
256 MB of RAM
Geforce 4
DirectX 8.1